Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you for your support

I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as your County Commissioner. I look forward to keeping the County heading in a positive direction and to meeting the many challenges sure to be faced in the next four years. I will continue to serve the best interests of the entire County with honesty and openness.

I intend to continue this blog site and hope it will help us keep in

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Patricia Roberts

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank You

I appreciate the congratulations, but there remain a few Clatsop County ballots turned
into other county voter sites that are yet to be counted. It is extremely unlikely that these few ballots will effect the out of my election, but caution is always best. It will take at lease 10 business days to complete the certify the election.

I remain optimistic and appreciate hearing form you. Thank you for your support.


Friday, October 24, 2008

A Letter From Clifton Dean Ferguson

Dear Clatsop
County Commissioners;

Thank you for
taking the time to read my comments and concerns regarding Marine
Reserves off the Oregon Coast. Proposals have been submitted and are
now available for public review.

I have the
following comments for your consideration:


would like to express my disappointment at the Marine Reserve
proposals submitted for the North Oregon Coast area for the following


may or may not be aware, but much of the year bottom fishing is
constrained to inside 40 fathoms. This leaves very little productive
bottom fishing areas for those of us fishing out of Columbia River
ports. The major areas inside 40 fathoms we have access to are the
Tillamook head and Cannon Beach areas.


these areas to recreational bottom fishing effectively closes bottom
fishing to North Coast sport fisherman year around.


closure areas would have the same affect as having the ODFW simply
close the area north of Cape Falcon to all bottom fishing without the
expense of maintaining Marine Reserves.


Tillamook Head Marine Reserve closes one of the most productive
salmon, bottom fishing, and crabbing areas available to North Coast
residents. This will have a major economic impact upon:


operators who run bottom fishing trips. This will effectively kill
the bottom fishing charter business from Columbia River ports.


salmon trollers who frequent this area as this is one of the most
productive areas certain times of the year.


crabbers who frequently fish in that area.


fisherman and the plethora of industries that are supported by tourism
and fishing as that area will now be out of bounds.


Cannon Beach and Manzanita reserve is troublesome due to the following:


size of the MPA extends north to encompass Tillamook Head. This is a
VERY large area singled out as an MPA.


your aware, MPAs will be managed by rule making specific to each MPA.


proposed, commercial fishing has been singled out as being allowed in
the MPA. No mention of recreational fishing is made in the proposal.
One of the reasons cited for the need of Marine Reserves is due to
excessive commercial harvest. Here we are allowing commercial
harvest exclusively within an MPA. I do not believe that is congruent
with the spirit of an MPA and certainly not the Marine Reserve process.


surfing, paddling, recreational fishing, and commercial fishing all be
equally allowed within the MPA then certainly I have much less
objection to the proposal.


of the stated goals of a Marine Reserve is to stabilize fishing
regulations and opportunities (provide safe haven to “Big Fat Females”
in order to increase overall fish populations). This goal cannot be
studied if ALL fishing areas are closed. We would never know if the
MR has been successful in providing a net increase in fishing
opportunities and populations without areas adjacent to a MR remaining
open to fishing.


personally fish these areas frequently and spend in excess of $15,000
per year on fishing equipment, electronics, fuel, bait, licenses,
launch fees, etc. These closures will cause a considerable reduction
in fishing opportunities and therefore a reduction in economic
activity as far as my dollars are concerned.


ODWF has expressed concern over declining revenues in license fees.
One of the reasons for this decline is continued erosion of fishing
opportunities. These closures will be one of the largest losses of
fishing opportunities ever implemented. I would anticipate another
large decline in license sales with the implementation of these
reserves. This past year I obtained a fishing license in both Oregon
and Washington, but fished nearly exclusively out of Ilwaco. Should
these productive bottom fishing areas be closed off the coast of
Oregon I see no reason for me to purchase an Oregon fishing license
next year. I will fish exclusively from Washington ports.

would like to express my disappointment at the Marine Reserve
proposals as I was never contacted by any of the groups proposing
marine reserves along the North Coast.

ODFW stated many times that involvement by Ocean users would be
critical in considering these proposals.

am an Ocean user but was never contacted, nor do I know of any other
Ocean users in my area that were contacted.

process we were promised was not followed and therefore these proposed
areas are invalid.

DO support the Depoe Bay proposal and any other proposal that is
reasonable and was done via collaboration of all the affected parties.

believe strongly that this is the road toward successful
implementation of Marine Reserves.

is in alignment with the Governor’s Executive Order #08-07 and avoids
severe economic impacts to the coast communities.

Again, thank
you for taking the time to listen to my comments and concerns and
thanks for your involvement in this process.


Clifton Dean

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There is a proposal to establish marine reserves off the Coast of
Oregon. The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) has been
legislatively mandated to advise the governor regarding marine
reserves. OPAC will be meeting in Florence, Oregon on October 23 and
24, 2008 to consider 20 proposed sites and to make recommendations to
the governor as to which should become marine reserves.

Marine reserves, as I understand, them prohibit all public human
activies and even entry. No commercial or sports fishing, or any
‘extractive’ activity would be allowed. In fact they areas would be
completely off-limits, forever, except for scientific research. Three
marine reserve sites are being proposed in waters off Clatsop County
that are linked with marine protected areas, from Tillamook Head south
to Cape Falcon in Tillamook County. In effect, if these three areas
are adopted, they would close important ocean waters to charter boat
operator, crabbers and commercial fishermen alike. The Board of County
Commissions has taken a stand against establishing additional no
fishing area without releasing areas already off limits. The impact
and cost to our communities would be too high.

For more information go to the Oregon Marine Reserves site:

The following are excerpts from this web site:

How were sites proposed?

Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council Marine Reserves Process

proposal per site. Complete and submit the two sections of this
proposal form. Attach your answers from section 2 to this form,
including a map showing the proposed boundaries of the site. Proposals
can be submitted to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife up
until September 30, 2008. Where to submit your proposal: By
mail: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife OPAC Marine Reserves
Process 2040 SE Marine Science Dr. Newport, OR 97365 By email: (please include “Submit Proposal” in
FILL IN THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Please type, or print legibly to
ensure we are able to contact you with any questions. Attach this
sheet as the first page of your proposal. 1. A Name for Your
Proposed Site: Tillamook Head Marine Reserve 2. Name of Principal
Contact: Mike Manzulli & Nadia Gardner 3. Affiliation/Organization:
Coastal landowners and residents 4. Daytime Phone: (503)
440‐7862 5.
Email: 6. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1281
Cannon Beach, OR 97110 7. Additional Information: PROPOSAL

What information has be submitted?

Where are these sites located?

Since 1999 3 large areas of our local ocean have been closed to our
drag fishermen. First, the state of Washington closed all it’s state
waters, out to three miles. Then in 2001 a lawsuit brought against
the National Marine Fisheries Service by Oceana, the Natural Resource
Defense Council, and the pacific Marine Conservation Council was ruled
in favor of the environmentalist. The result closed a swath of water
from Canada to Mexico between 50 and 250 fathoms to drag fishermen
called the Rockfish Conservation Area. This area alone represented
75% of the traditional fishing grounds of our local drag fishermen.
Off cannon Beach this area is over 30 miles wide. Then in 2005 the
last large area closure was made when Oceana threatened another
lawsuit. This area closure is called the Essential Fish Habitat and
closes the ocean from the 700 fathom line as far out as any bottom
fishing vessel can fish.

Drag fishermen have modified their fishing techniques to provide net
designed that do not drag across the ocean floor and thus are
environmentally friendly. The new nets have “excluders” that greatly
reduce if not eliminate Rockfish species and retain the targeted Sole.
The vessels now have location and observation methods that are being
overseen by governing bodies. All commercial vessels are required to
have monitoring systems( black boxes that operate 24 hours a day 7
days a week / all 365 days), and human observers. Despite these
improvement no water have been reopened to our fishermen.

The local fishing fleet has been reduced to half as a direct result of
these three large area closures. If the state waters are also closed
fishermen will be put out of business and processors severely harmed.
These state water closures include sports fishermen as well as
commercial. Our local economy would be delt a huge blow and our
communities would face further devastation.

The County Board of Commissioners is requesting the state review these
initial federal water closure and consider the impact upon our local
economy and communities. If state waters are to be closed can federal
waters be re-opened? To date the Oregon governing bodies has not even
attempted to negotiate with the Federal authorities.

If you have an opinion please sent it to Terry Thompson, the Lincoln
County Commissioner and representative for Lincoln, Tillamook and
Clatsop Counties on OPAC before October 23- 24 meeting.

Attached are map showing the waters already closed to fishing.

Map of the Rockfish Conservation Area Closure :

The following map shows the Essential Fish Habitat Closure:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Land Use Code Revision Project

Over a year ago the County Board of Commissioners asked for a review of Clatsop County Land and Water Development and Use Ordinance (LWDUO) #80-14. The existing LWDUO was adopted September 30, 1980 and though it had been revised several times during its 28-year history, it was in need of a complete rewrite. Planning Department staff and County Counsel have been working with the Planning Commission since March of 2008 when the draft revision was complete. This Wednesday, September 24 a joint work session will be held between the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. The meeting will be at 5:00 PM in the Boyington Building. The public is invited to attend but no public testimony will be taken at this time.

An overview of the revision project will be presented. The report is filed with details to streamline the development and land use review process and decision-making process. Also the consolidation of zoning rules and the development standards are addressed. There is an emphasis on maximizing the county resources.

This initial draft will continue to be refined and adjusted as the Planning commission continues to meet with County Counsel. Once this editing process is complete the new code will be ready for review and public discussion at public hearings. Notices will be mailed to all County property owners, leaseholders, affected government agencies, and other interested parties about one month before the first Planning Commission public hearing. Following the Planning Commission’s recommendation, the Board of Commissioners will conduct a second public hearing on the new code before taking final action to adopt the new land use ordinance.

The process is long with the editing not expected to be complete before the end of 2008. Notices of the Planning Commission’s hearing will not be mailed before January 2009 and the Board of Commissioner’s not before April or May of 2009.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Columbia-Pacific National Heritage Area

The Columbia-Pacific National Heritage Area, the first National Heritage Area on the West Coast, became official today. President Bush signed the Omnibus Natural Resources bill which included the bill authorizing a feasibility study of our area.

The proposed Columbia-Pacific National Heritage Area includes land in Wahkiakum, Clatsop and Pacific counties and brings parts of our historically and culturally significant areatogether under a common purpose. The study will gather such common elements as the natural, historic, cultural, educational, scenic and recreational resources that are important to our nation's history. The study can take up to three years to complete.

I serve as a board member of the Columbia-Pacific Heritage Area Committee and support this effort to promote our region and to create job and strengthen our local economy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Meet Commissioner and Candidate

Meet the Commissioner and Candidate at the Pacific Grange Intersection of Cullably Lake Lane and HWY 101 Sunday, April 27 2-4 PM. Hope to see you there.